Business Success Solution File Share and Control

User Access Control

Form SME to Enterprise there are Prohibited access control for difference department. Windows Server License would cost you much more than application usage. With synology technology customer user can be able to explore leverage company valuable assets file.


There are 2 main types of Collaboration File

Cloud Drive Storage

Reason of people using cloud drive because file able to share across device. Less device to carry beside for same usage point.



Windows File Sharing

2 Key point of use is Speed and Stability. All of office in any industry no matter you are in field of Graphic , Product Design or Account and Finance Department. You all will need place that most robust that able to send file following your workflow.

For windows file sharing methodology. Your team require paid for several component for making collaboration share folder. With higher of security and reliable you come up windows server with filtering user permission for each folder that where high cost and complexity is start.  


Synology creation is provide you an effortless solution for both Cloud Drive and Local Drive hybrid up together. Serving you unlimitedly connection for all multiple user in your company from 3 - 5 people up to thousand people connected and enjoy the journey of team goal with secure.


User Permission On Each of Share Folder 

Folder Transaction History Log Data for incidence analysis.


Synology provide you all pain point of each method of file sharing.

1.External Access Multi Channel.

2.Local High Speed and Robust Access. 

3.File transaction IP and User Tracking.

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